Personal reflection on MIP

How I experienced it and the feedback I got from the students:

In my opinion the subject had better results than previous years due to better lecturers, more time spent on managing the course (we spent 50% more time on the subject than allowed by the budget) and better students. Im thankful for the fact that Im allowed to work with the best students in business. They keep amazing me with enthusiasm, energy, new solutions, ambition and humor.

As for the other side of working with students, I sometimes find the lack of reflection difficult. I also find the harshness of their communication and the lack of empathy shocking. It seems the view of students on teachers and education is not much better that that on politics or the IRS (belastingdienst). They want results and succes and they want it now, if they dont get it its your fault. Still, working with the future leaders of our country’s businesses is a wonderful opportunity for me.

I learned a lot too. There are some good things and some improvements I got back from the evaluation:
+/+ personal involvement

+/+ motivating to get the most out of the student
+/+ unorthodox elements

+/+ engaging and entertaining
+/+ have students find things out by themselves

+/+ treat students like normal people, not kids
-/- chaotic

-/- late with appointments and feedback
-/- sloppy

-/- not explaining enough about expectations and procedures

From a student in the digital evaluation:

De structuur van het vak. Blackboard is ook bijzonder chaotisch ingericht, net zoals het course manual wel verbetering kan gebruiken. Ik vermoed dat de cordinator een bijzonder getalenteerd consultant is, maar dat zijn talenten niet zozeer het organisatorische vlak beslaan. Zoek hierin samenwerking met iemand die hier wel getalenteerd in is. Dat is ook een van de adviezen die wij kregen als groepen, zoek ieders kracht en laat deze uitkomen en vind hier harmonie in. Dit kan zeker worden toegepast op de organisatie van dit zeer kansrijke vak.

This is the score I got so you know:


I want to thank all of you students, mentors, faculty, companies and advisors for the experience and the possibility to make this work. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, what more can you ask? Im curious what I will be doing next year, no idea yet. If you have any idea what I should do please post a comment or mail me.

This interview with Chris Botti sums it up nicely: