New year, new trip, new experience, new learning

The businesscourse TAN2011 has started some months ago with the opening diner in Amsterdam. 15 students were in the Albert Cuyp home restaurant and committed themselves to this program.

Yesterday, 12th of june, I drove back from Morogoro to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania after a meeting at Mzumbe University with the Mzumbe students. Its part of the preparationmeetings in Tanzania to make a start for the second time. Again we will be working on improving the entrepreneurial environment for private health clinics and their owners with a group of students.

This image stands for the thing we have slowly started, seing things in perspective while enjoying the beauty of Tanzania. Looking back while going forward, using different angles and reflections. I will keep taking pictures on the road in Tanzania.

Mirror in the mirror in the sky.jpg

I hope you will be following us on this trip, learning together with us, supporting us and hopefully also becoming enthusiastic about healthcare! There are more posts to come.