Hoki in Jakarta

From my friend Martijn I got the connection to the Expat Hockey club of Jakarta. On wednesday evenings they play a match against a local team in the centre of town. Here are some pictures from the match.

Hockey 1.jpg

In previous years we also did sports with locals, as we did with the UI students last week. It seems to bring a connection between people, gets the emotions going and is a shared experience. It has always been nice to do a local game. Some examples from previous years: In Vietnam 2007 we played on the beach with childred who were disabled due to the chemicals used by the Americans in the war. A chemical called Agent Organge was used to undo trees of their leaves and show the Vietcong. This turned out to be benzene: Apple Dictionary: " benzene |ˈbenËŒzÄ“n; benˈzÄ“n| noun a colorless volatile liquid hydrocarbon present in coal tar and petroleum, used in chemical synthesis. Its use as a solvent has been reduced because of its carcinogenic properties. • Chem. formula: C 6 H 6. ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from benzoin + -ene."

Vietnam touwtrekken.jpg
Vietnamtouwtrekken 2007.jpg

In India 2005 the students played cricket and had a good time playing against Indians and getting instructions.

Cricket 2005 2.jpg