Context of TAN2010 project

On friday the 19th of february 2010 I arrived in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for my visit to Mzumbe University in Morogoro. This will be my second visit and it should be a visit do set the outline of the TAN2010 project that we want to make together. In my bag I have the contracts that should be agreed on between the two universities and the two faculties.

In the last years my colleagues of CIS (Centrum voor Internationale Samenwerking) have worked with the people of Mzumbe University to do capacity building. Some Mzumbe researchers got scholarships for a PhD Program, some lecturers did a Msc Program and other people did training. From our faculty some people visited to work with local students and colleagues to teach, do research and do training.

Now this capacity building program has ended and our Faculty and their faculty aim to extend the cooperation beyond the initial program. One of the activities is to set up the TAN2010 project.

Now this new cooperation starts with the connection me and Mr Seif Muba Msc have from the year 2008. He was attending my course called Managerial Integration Project as an Msc Business Administration student. He graduated and I was lucky to be there when he got his degree!