are the main source of information for the students doing their research. They bring me along sometimes to show they are supported by facultystaff and to improve the way of doing research. For me its very nice to come along. The students are highly motivated and pressing for information all the time. They use all their skill to use the networks at hand to find new contacts and new information.
This time the students are visiting the National Eonomics University in Hanoi. They have 40.000 students paying EUR 300 a year to study.
Today I went along with the team doing research for Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Our faculty has been sending students on research missions for 3 years now. Each time they come back with a lot of information on the students and exchange market and the opportunities for our faculty. The international developments of universities is a hot topic, rewards and returns not yet clear and demanding a lot of investments. The SVS research project is a high quality, low cost and well informed way to find out about a market.
The students experience the learning and academic environment in a developed country. Today we had a discussion with the vice-dean, had coffee in the students dormitory and saw the students do sports. This evening some students of ours met the Vietnamese students and tomorrow our students are meeting the dean and the rector (main boss) of the university.